Postcolonialism and Development: Bridging Divides in Theory and Practice (Working Group “Postcolonial Perspectives on and within Development (Studies)”)

Undoubtedly, and as the conference title suggests, globalization stands at a crossroads. Once the buzzword of politics and economics alike, we have been made blatantly aware that rather than benefitting all, processes of globalization and financialisation have led to a widening gap and increasing inequalities between and among nations. Not exclusively, but most prominently, continuous flows of migration lead us to question the development project of past decades. The time is ripe to fundamentally rethink and reconfigure structures and conditions that implement and perpetuate inequalities and boundaries. Postcolonial perspectives offer a viable starting point for drawing up an universal global agenda for sustainable change.

This panel aims to contribute to this discussion by inviting contributions that deal with:

  • The relation of Postcolonialism and Development policy
  • Strategies for decolonizing development knowledge
  • The subaltern and international development cooperation
  • Postcolonial Perspectives on the SDGs

and related issues.

The panel is not limited to postcolonial perspectives, but welcomes papers with decolonial and other related theoretical approaches.


Aftab Nasir (University of Bonn)
Dr. Julia Schöneberg (University of Kassel)