From MDGs to SDGs: What Role for Aid? (Working Group “Aid Policy and Performance”)

In September 2015 the world community adopted a new set of global goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This means also that it is time to reflect on the Millennium Development Goals and what role development cooperation and assistance have played in performance and under-performance with regard to this first set of development goals. We invite papers on the role of aid with regard to the MDGs (poverty reduction, health, education, food, environment), but also on donor performance and donor coordination with regard to the attainment of the MDGs (evaluating also the Paris Declaration and the action plans of Accra and Busan). This also with regard to the use of aid instruments (technical assistance, budget support). We in particularly welcome evaluative papers, looking at results of aid projects and programmes, the use of specific instruments and the role of donor and international organizations.

Convenor: Prof.dr. Paul Hoebink. Radboud University Nijmegen