Asian Transformations: Theories, Challenges, Opportunities (NFU Panel)

The resurgence of Asia represents the most significant global shift in the geography of the world economy during the past 50 years.China and India are now consolidating their positions as global powers; at the same time,a number of other Asian countries are experiencing rapid economic growth and emerging as important players in regional and global markets and politics. Yet the Asian development success stories are marred by contradictions, with the high-consuming middle classes rapidly expanding,alongside persistent and growing socio-economic inequalities and environmental degradation.
This panel interrogates contemporary Asian transformations, examining the interplay between global political-economic and environmental forces; state policies; and the politics and practices of everyday life. The panel will invite new theoretical perspectives and empirically-based research on Asian transformations.

Collegium of convenors: Maren Aase (SUM); Arve Hansen (SUM); Jostein Jakobsen (SUM); Kenneth Bo Nielsen (Norwegian Network for Asian Studies); Karina Standal (SUM); Harold Wilhite (SUM)