Non-DAC Donors at Crossroads? (Working Group Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors)

The label Non-DAC donors applies to those providers of development finance that are not members of the OECD DAC. In many ways the term was useful when we first witnessed the rise of former aid recipients as donors. However, the expansion of the DAC, the Addis finance meeting and the SDGs have highlighted that this binary divide may no longer be the best way to classify the landscape of the aid architecture. We therefore find ourselves at crossroads – is the term Non-DAC redundant? Should we now just refer to providers of development finance? Is the aid world a reflection of the convergence between developing and developed countries? To what extent are we moving beyond aid towards true development cooperation?

We welcome papers on any aspect of the development aid/ cooperation of the Non-DAC donors, including
1: the usefulness of the labels/divisions
2: studies of the individual aid donors such as China, India, Turkey and UAE
3: the transition into DAC membership for some non-DAC states (s. Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia)
4: the growth of non-state donors such as the World Bank, IMF, private foundations (like Bill and Melinda Gates)
5: comparisons of aid policies and practices of DAC and non-DAC donors
6: Non-DAC donors and alternative forms of development finance (trust funds etc.)
7: The role of the DAC in shaping the global aid architecture (definition, effectiveness, coherence, etc.)

Dr. Maja Bucar, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Dr. Simon Lightfoot, POLIS, University of Leeds