Networks-to-Network Meeting

Monday, 21 August, 13.00- 14.00h, Dokken

EADI and UniPID would like to invite interested academic networks or associations to a Networks-to-Network Meeting.

This meeting  gathers all interested network representatives present at the conference around the same table to get to know each other and map common interests for cooperation. The meeting will serve as the starting point for forming a “network of networks”, which will serve to support the exchange and cooperation between Nordic and European academic networks and associations relevant to development issues and global challenges, and/or aiming to support research and higher education cooperation with the so called third countries.

We believe in the potential for collaboration between similar-minded networks and associations with common goals and comparable activities. There is significant space for mutual learning and development through sharing best practices and benchmarking related to network strategies and coordination, operations models and methods, as well as specific functions and activities.

Any common interests could lead to joint activities, which could open the way to even wider contact networks for the academic communities that we serve. This network could also serve as a consortium to apply for funding from the instruments supporting higher education and research network cooperation, research support actions, etc.

Please register here.

Organisers: Johanna Kivimäki (UniPID) and Susanne von Itter (EADI)