Leaving No One Behind in Practice: Development Research for or by the South? (Policy Oriented Panel)

This policy panel is the first part of two panels at the conference with the same title. The second part is an academic panel where three researchers from the global south present papers directly related to the conference theme.

The panel addresses the question in the title through a discussion on how development research could and should be organised, in richer countries as well as in partner countries.

Starting from the conclusions and recommendations oftwo recent (early 2017) EBA reports (“Research Aid Revisited? Understanding Swedish research aid in the current state of world development – a historically grounded analysis of future policy options”and “Research Capacity Challenged? Mobility, Collaboration and Scientific Production among Development Aid Supported Ph.D. Graduates in Africa”),questions to discuss include, but are far from limited to:

• What are the roles of research and researchers in the sustainable development goals work: not just as knowledge providers on how to achieve and (in proper context) address the SDGs, but also as an inherent part of the Agenda 2030?
• How can and should donor countries work to equalize research opportunities and competence globally?

Gun-Britt Andersson is The Expert Group’s vice chair. She has a background as the Swedish Government’s Secretary of State for social issues, migration and international development cooperation and as Sweden’s permanent representative to the OECD. She held various positions at the Ministry of Finance, SAREC (Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries), Sida, UNWRA and the MFA. After retiring, Gun-Britt’s involvement in development issues continues, for example as the chairman of the JOHA foundation and as a board member of the East Europe Foundation (Moldova), the Africa Capacity Building Foundation (Zimbabwe), Gapminder and as a senior advisor at Global Challenge, an independent Swedish think-tank.

Jan Pettersson, PhD, programme manager and Eva Mineur, PhD, programme manager,The Expert Group for Aid Studies