Leaving No One Behind in Practice: Development Research for or by the South? (Academic Panel)

This academic panel is the second part of two panels at the conference with the same title. The first part is a policy panel discussing how development research could and should be organised, in richer countries as well as in partner countries:

• What are the roles of research and researchers in the sustainable development goals work: not just as knowledge providers on how to achieve and (in proper context) address the SDGs, but also as an inherent part of the Agenda 2030?
• How can and should donor countries work to equalize research opportunities and competence globally?

Following the policy panel, this academic panel addresses the question in the title by having three researchers from the global South present their own research papers directly related to the conference theme.

Arne Bigsten is a member of the Expert Group for Aid studies. He is a senior professor in the Department of Economics at Gothenburg University and director of the Center for Globalization and Development at the University of Gothenburg. He has been a visiting professor at Oxford University, the University of Nairobi, Keio University, University of New South Wales, and Universite d’Auvergne. He has completed projects for the World Bank, IMF, UN, ILO, Sida, IFPRI, OECD, Wider, the African Development Bank, UNIDO, and the European Commission. Bigsten has led numerous research projects on development issues, particularly on African economic development. He is currently working on a project about taxes, institutions and development.

Jan Pettersson, PhD, programme manager and Eva Mineur, PhD, programme manager, The Expert Group for Aid Studies,