Leaving No One Behind in Practice: Development Research for or by the South? (Academic Panel)

This academic panel is the first part of two panels at the conference with the same title. The second part is a policy panel discussing how development research could and should be organised, in richer countries as well as in partner countries: What are the roles of research and researchers in the SDGs: not just as knowledge providers on how to achieve and (in proper context) address the goals, but as goals in themselves? How should donor countries work to equalize research opportunities and competence globally?

This academic panel addresses the question in the title by having three researchers from the global south present their own research papers directly related to the conference theme.

• Abebe Shimeles, PhD Economics, Acting Director, Development Research Department, African Development Bank
• Augustin Fosu, Professor, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) University of Ghana
• Margret Chitiga, Professor, University of Pretoria

• Kalle O. Moene, Professor Department of Economics, University of Oslo

Arne Bigsten, senior professor, Department of Economics, Gothenburg University, member of the Expert Group for Aid Studies.

Jan Pettersson, PhD, managing director, (jan.pettersson@gov.se, +72 586 49 34), and Eva Mineur, PhD, programme manager, (eva.mineur@gov.se, +72 241 70 41), The Expert Group for Aid Studies, Government Offices, Garnisonen Block, Karlavägen 102, 7th floor, SE-103 33 Stockholm, SWEDEN

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) is a government committee that has been set up in order to improve Swedish development cooperation and to build up a long-term, high-quality knowledge-base. In fulfilling this task, we engage researchers and experts to carry out studies on different themes and issues that are relevant for Swedish development assistance.